Low sunspot activity - the precursor to global cooling?


Solar history was made in August of 2008. This was the first month, since 1913, where no sunspot activity was observed. In fact, the sun had been spotless for 42 days as of the end of August. This is according to sunspot data from NOAA's National Geophysical Data Center. Although sunspot activity follows an 11 year cycle in which activity becomes minimal every 11 years, zero activity is not common. Subsequent to 1913 the sun had been very active but has slowed down, within the 11 year cycle, in recent years.

In 2005, two scientists predicted that solar sunspot activity would reach zero by 2015. When this paper was written, sunspot activity was fairly high and they were rebuked by the global warming scientists. Their paper was refused publication because it was based on statistical evidence.

It so happens that lack of sunspot activity during the years 1420-1570, 1645-1715 and 1790-1830 corresponds to periods of global cooling. Some scientists believe that as we approach 2014, the climate will again cool -- based on this statistical correlation between sunspot activity and global temperatures. However, this scientific data opposes the global warming stories we hear and, therefore, are rarely reported. They are deemed to be the work of insane deniers of the global warming cult.

The point is that all of this is a very complex issue. It certainly cannot be argued that the sun has no effect on the temperature of the earth. The huge electro magnetic storms on the sun that sunspots are made of produce tremendous energy and great volumes of radiation. When we take into account all of the possible factors that make up the temperature of the earth, we see that there is virtually no limit to the number of variables. Because of this, creating a nice and neat theory that accurately predicts these events is impossible. The global warming pundits say the discussion is over and that the proof is at hand. It reminds us of a sniveling child with their fingers in their ears screaming at the top of their lungs so as to not hear what they are being told. If the case for global warming were so solid, they would not want to close the debate. Just as the evidence of sunspots vs. the earth's temperatures does not prove that we are entering a mini ice age, neither can the fantasies of the global warming crowd be proven. The issue is too complex and although we want to think we are so intelligent, the facts are that we know very little about it.

Are we going to freeze or get warmer? Plenty of theories abound for either case. The bottom line is,  whatever happens, it will be the work of complex forces beyond our limited scientific comprehension and beyond our ability to change.


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