Killer Hurricanes - A sure sign of global warming?

Listening to mainstream media lately, you'll "learn" that "global warming" is the cause for the recent, seemingly increased activity in hurricanes. If you believe the preachers of the global warming cult, then you believe that these hurricanes are proof that man-made global warming is going to destroy us. To save ourselves, we need to tax ourselves into oblivion in the form of what are being called "carbon credits". What aides their lunacy is that people have short memories and tend not to  remember past things that occurred, even in their lifetimes. So, let's put the facts in place and look at the 10 most devastating hurricanes of the 20th and 21st centuries (listed in reverse chronological order).

2005 Katrina - Category 5
Everyone has heard of Katrina which hit New Orleans in 2005, causing $80 billion in damage and over 1,800 deaths.

1992 Andrew - Category 5
With it's 175 mph winds, Andrew hit just south of Miami causing major flooding and destruction. However, deaths were less than 50 people. The cost of Andrew was $55 billion.

1969 Camille - Category 5
Packing an amazing 190 mph winds, this storm landed in Mississippi destroying everything in it's path. With over 250 deaths and $20 billion in damage this storm could have been much worse had it landed in New Orleans as Katrina did.

1960 Donna - Category 5
Hurricane Donna holds the record for the longest living hurricane in modern recorded history. For 17 days it went through the Caribbean, zigzagged through both Florida coasts, hit North Carolina and finally ended up striking Long Island. Killing over 350 on its 17 day trek, it packed winds which reached 160 mph and costing $26 billion.

1944 Pinar del Río - Category 3
A storm which devastated Cuba and south Florida it caused $38 billion in damages and killed nearly 400 people.

1938 New England - Category 5
A massive storm that tracked well away from the typical gulf coast areas of other hurricanes. This storm hit Long Island causing $40 billion in damage and killing over 600 people. Many scientists believe that we are nearing a cycle in which storms like this could occur again in the next few years. However, these scientists are shunned by the intelligencia for claiming that these massive storms making treks up the coast are not cyclic in nature but due to global warming. Which of course completely explains this 1938 phenomenon in some way we cannot understand.

1928 Okeechobee - Category 5
The Okeechobee hurricane struck the Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and Florida. The hurricane caused devastation everywhere on it's path. As many as 1,200 people were killed in Guadeloupe. The storm struck Puerto Rico at full strength, killing at over 300 people. In Florida over 2,500 people were killed when the storm surge from Lake Okeechobee flooded. Costs from this storm exceeded $31 billion.

1926 Miami - Category 4
The 1926 Miami Hurricane was a massive hurricane that nearly destroyed Miami, Florida in September of 1926. It also caused devastating losses up the Florida panhandle. With 150 mph winds, it caused nearly $157 billion dollars (2006 equivalent) in damage and over 300 deaths.





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1915 Galveston - Category 4
The second major hurricane to strike Galveston in 15 years, this storm caused 400 deaths and $65 billion in damage. If the global warming maniacs were alive back then, we're sure they would have been telling us the world was about to end with 2 storms hitting the same place in 15 years. The only thing we're not sure of is if it would have been the result of global warming or the coming of the next ice age. After all, each has been declared by scientists to cause increases in hurricanes.

1900 Galveston - Category 4
The 1900 Galveston hurricane hit Galveston with 150 mph winds causing devastating destruction and death. With nearly 12,000 dead and the city destroyed, the cost of this hurricane caused nearly $100 billion dollars in damage.

So, we see clearly that the great destruction and death caused by hurricanes was NOT only in recent years. Looking before the 20th century we find hurricanes like "the Great Hurricane" of 1780 which killed over 22,000 and the Newfoundland hurricane of 1755 which killed over 4,000 people. This latter storm struck North Carolina, Virginia and rolled up the coast to hit Newfoundland. Sounds a bit like the "New England" hurricane listed above to us. We're waiting to hear how global warming in the 1700's caused this storm. In fact, deadly Atlantic hurricanes have been recorded as early as 1590 and they occurred with frequency throughout the centuries.

What can we take from this? Just as with everything else -- the earth's history is full of climate change. It gets colder, it gets warmer. Storms come and go. Trying to blame a manmade hysteria and money grab called global warming for this is the height of evil men tricking gullible people into turning over their money and, more importantly, their freedom.


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