"Global Warming - July 2009 Updates"


Update - July 3, 2009:

New York Times - The Case of the Shrinking Sheep.

On a remote Scottish island, the sheep are shrinking, and the cause appears to be the warming of winter.

The wild Soay sheep that live on the island of Hirta in the North Atlantic have been under careful scientific observation since 1985, partly because the island ecosystem is a simple one consisting of the sheep and the vegetation they eat.

The findings were published Thursday by the journal Science on its Web site.

This startling proof of the effects of global warming was published in hundreds of newspapers around the world today. The rant was the same, global warming causes sheep to shrink. One web site even referred to the new sheep as "pocket sheep". Several sites included pictures of the poor shrinking sheep, unfortunately the animals pictured were goats.

Let's look at the actual facts:

1) the sheep were observed over a 25-year period and they claim the weight changed by 5%. Now what we don't know is how heavy were the sheep 50 years ago or even 500 years ago. The data is completely insignificant. But it gets much more interesting than mere statistics.

2) The claim is that global warming is making the winters shorter and that allows smaller sheep to survive. However, if the winters are shorter as claimed (no actual proof of this was provided) then it means that the summer feeding season is longer. It also means that the plants they feed on would grow faster and for a longer period of time. So logic would dictate that the sheep would get fatter. Even assuming the report was accurate it's amazing how the obvious is always disregarded by the global warming freaks. But now we get to the real meat of the issue.

3) There is a slight problem with the description of the island as "the island ecosystem is a simple one consisting of the sheep and the vegetation they eat." Somewhere in that description they left out the presence of British military bases on the island until the late 90's and a local human presence there since the time of the Vikings until the 1930's. Also left out is the fact that the sheep, which are not wild but domesticated, were put there by man after the 1930's. Conveniently left out is the fact that the sheep have become so heavily populated on the island that they overgraze it causing huge crashes in the numbers with 60-70% of the population dying over and over again through the years. This constant die off and the fact they are on an island has resulted in a restricted gene pool.

We're not surprised that they didn't consider the more obvious answer of genetic inbreeding when they had a much more sexy reason like global warming. Once again the intellectual dishonesty of the global warming zealots rears it's ugly face. Distorting reality in the uncontrollable desire to control everything.


Update - July 27, 2009:

Discovery Chanel (Deadliest catch web site) - Bering Sea Ice: Science Q&A

The Bering Sea, where the boats of Deadliest Catch do their work, is not known for toasty warm weather. But still, some years are colder than others. The last two winters have been particularly chilly -- and they've been huge years for ice. The last time the ice came this far south was in the early 1970s, when scientists first used satellites to monitor the ice.

Wait -- what about global warming? Shouldn't the Bering Sea be heating up?

Here's the thing about climate change. Yeah, the average temperature of the Earth is going up.....

By getting cold again, the Bering Sea is just continuing the pattern it has had since people started keeping track about 90 years ago......

In 2007 things turned cold again -- and the next two winters, the ice came much farther south. So, yes, it's a lot of ice.....

Isn't it amazing that in the face of the obvious the global warming zealots can continue their mantra with a straight face? It's kind of interesting how a few years back when this "continuing pattern" was at it's warm point and the sea ice was less it was proof that we were doomed by global warming. But now that the ice has come back with a vengeance it's proof that we are doomed by global warming.


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