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Global warming hoax

Update - January 5, 2009:

Yahoo News UK
- Arctic conditions have meant a miserable return to work for millions of shivering Britons.

"It's been a few years since it's been as cold as this."

The chill prompted water company Severn Trent to appeal to its eight million customers across the Midlands and Wales to protect their water systems, after receiving reports that pipes were freezing even with heating on full blast.

ITN News - A cold snap in northern and eastern India has killed at least 55 people.

In the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, 24 people have died from biting cold in rural areas, a disaster management official said.


Update - January 13, 2009:

Associated Press - Yahoo News -
Grand Forks, N.D., dropped to a record low of 37 degrees below zero Tuesday morning, lopping six degrees off the old record set in 1979, the National Weather Service said.

Accuweather.com - As the week progresses, the East will get blasted with the coldest air of the season so far. In New York City, temperatures could drop below zero for the first time since 1994.

Chicago Tribune - What global warming? U.S., Europe feel big chill. So far, this winter has been the 22nd coldest in 139 years of record-keeping in Chicago, and the fourth-snowiest in 124 years of records.


Update - January 22, 2009:

If it weren't so deadly serious, it would be comical. Two days after President Obama's inauguration, after poll data was released that people are starting to see the hoax, we get bombarded in the mainstream media.

Yesterday we heard that Antarctica is melting. The researchers themselves say that they don't have enough data points because it's such a big place. As long at the limited data agrees with their computer models, it's all good. You have to love the kind of science where the proof is in the computer model you've programmed!

Then, today, we read that global warming is causing the trees in the western U.S. to die. It doesn't matter that they have no proof of this and don't list any other possibilities. It doesn't even matter if this is even good data or if it is some normal cyclical event. Trees are dying at a faster rate so let's put out the headlines that global warming is killing the trees. They even admit they have no proof but conclude that global warming is the only possibility, regardless. You call that science? We call it a conspiracy.

Since few people bother reading the details, the public is left with 2 perfect sound bites -- 'Antarctica is melting' and 'trees are dying' due to global warming. Of course, all of this has to play out this way because the new administration and it's cohorts in congress are salivating at all the money to be made by taking us into oblivion in the name of saving us from the enemy that doesn't exist.

Here's a summary of the poll data mentioned above:

A new Pew report shows that very few people care much about global warming, just 30 percent of respondents listed it as a "top priority," down from 38 percent two years ago. On top of this, a new Rasmussen poll finds that 44 percent of Americans think "long-term planetary trends" are the cause of warming, compared with only 41 percent who think humans are the cause. (Our hats are off to the 44% who know a snake oil salesman when they see one).


Update - January 25, 2009:

Yahoo News - Associated Press - China dams reveal flaws in climate-change weapon

The hydroelectric dam is supposed to help a power company in distant Germany contribute to saving the climate while putting lucrative "carbon credits" into the pockets of Chinese developers.

But in the end, the new Xiaoxi dam may do nothing to lower global-warming emissions as advertised. And many of the 7,500 people displaced by the project still seethe over losing their homes and farmland.

Similar stories are repeated across China and elsewhere around the world, as hundreds of hydro projects line up for carbon credits, at a potential cost of billions to Europeans, Japanese and soon perhaps Americans, in a trading system a new U.S. government review concludes has "uncertain effects" on greenhouse-gas emissions.

"The 4-year-old, U.N.-managed Clean Development Mechanism "is an excessive subsidy that represents a massive waste of developed world resources," says Stanford University's Michael Wara.

As we (and many others) have said over and over, global warming is a scam to take the money, property and rights away from the masses and give them to the rich and powerful!


Update - January 26, 2009:

USA Today- Associated Press - Report: Some climate damage already irreversible.

"Many damaging effects of climate change are already basically irreversible, a team of international researchers declared Monday, warning that even if carbon emissions can somehow be halted temperatures around the globe will remain high until at least the year 3000."

We're not even going to bother to list any more quotes from this irresponsible headline. The bottom line, more computer models, no facts, just opinions of people to make up a headline that makes no sense and cannot be proven. Now they are telling us that they can predict the climate for the next 1000 years. Think back a thousand years ago and come up with a single scientific theory of this magnitude that has stood the test of time. Yet these people are pompous enough to think they are so smart that they can predict things a thousand years from now! Funny, some of these same people were telling us we were all going to freeze to death just 30 years ago. The track record of all these windbags is on the side of them not really having a clue!

Reuters - Clinton climate change envoy vows 'dramatic diplomacy'

Translation, sell us out for the sake of those who will profit from this fantasy.

The National - Abu Dhabi - Snow covered the Jebel Jais area for only the second time in recorded history yesterday.

So rare was the event that one lifelong resident said the local dialect had no word for it.

They may not have a word for snow but we have several words to describe global warming. Fraud, hoax, fantasy and myth are a few that come to mind.


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