Drill Baby Drill!

Drilling in ANWR and the Environmental Extremist Agenda

The Trans Alaska Pipeline was built 30 years ago -- despite the lawsuits and heavy opposition of the leftist environmentalists. In the last 30 years, that pipeline has safely brought billions of barrels of oil from the oil-rich, north slope of Alaska to market. And, in that thirty years, all of the outrageous claims of "dead wildlife", "species extinction" and "massive destruction of the Arctic tundra" have been proven to be false scare tactics.

ANWR drill baby drill

Nonetheless we sit here, 30 years later, listening to the pundits and those with a leftist, environmental agenda tell us that drilling for oil in the USA today will cause a huge destruction of our environment. At the top of the heap of "No Drill Zones" is a place called ANWR. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a piece of land in Northeast Alaska about the size of the state of South Carolina. However, as large as that may sound, it is dwarfed by the size of Alaska, itself. It is located just a few miles from the source of the current pipeline -- the oil fields of Alaska's North Slope at Prudhoe Bay and Kuparuk.

Looking at the map, it is clear that the area to be drilled is tiny (3.13 square miles to be exact - see the little red box) compared to the size of the entire refuge. The oil fields at Prudhoe Bay are much larger and, the funny thing is, that wild animals - including the supposedly extinct polar bears - live there in total peace and harmony with the oil drilling. Both polar and brown bears regularly wander into the oil drilling areas and make themselves right at home! Claiming that drilling in 3.13 square miles of the 29,764 square mile refuge would destroy the refuge and it's ecosystem is beyond comprehension -- that is, if anyone takes 10 seconds to actually think about it.

Part of the problem is that the people who are pushing to keep drilling from happening want to portray this place as some beautiful forest that you would just love to spend some time in and get back to nature. Unfortunately, this is not the kind of nature that mankind seeks (and they count on the fact that most people will never trek to the top of Alaska to find that out!). So we'll give you a little inside scoop that liberal media doesn't tell: 1)There are no trees in ANWR because it is above the Arctic Circle and trees do not grow there; 2) In the summer, as the snow melts on the surface, it cannot be absorbed into the ground because of the permafrost sealing the earth below it. The result -- an Arctic swamp land full of scrub brush that is home to trillions of hungry mosquitoes. In fact, the mosquitoes are so thick up there due to the standing water that baby caribou often die due to blood loss from being bit by them. The mosquitoes of this pristine wilderness have easily killed more animals than anything man has done in the region; 3)There are no roads in the refuge and it is actually impossible to drive over the land in most places because of these swamps; and 4) In the winter, the sun does not rise for 56Trans Alaska Pipeline days straight and the temperatures easily hit -50 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter is the time of year that the oil companies can actually move equipment in this region because, as everything freezes over, ice roads are created. These roads even extend out into the Arctic Ocean, allowing trucks and equipment to go to remote fields that are inaccessible in the summer. It's pretty amazing to see roads created out of ice and heavy traffic moving over them all winter and then, in the summer, there is no trace of anything left. There are no marks on the environment, no construction damage and no environmental impact. It's pretty clear that this vast wildlife preserve that hosts millions of animals is not the kind of place you'd want to visit on your summer vacation. It is also completely obvious that the adjacent oil fields of the North Slope of Alaska, with exactly the same environment, have done nothing to harm the wildlife of the area since they are flourishing all over the drilling areas.

Another favorite line is that we need an energy answer NOW and that drilling at ANWR would take up to 10 years to put into place. Hogwash! The bulk of the infrastructure is already in place!  Look at the map. The only investment would be to run a spur (a connecting pipe) from ANWR to the existing pipeline. It has been estimated that it would take about 1800 truck loads of pipe to  construct a 60-mile long pipeline from Sourdough to Prudhoe Bay. Even with winter weather that could be done in about two months! Not ten years. Two months to bring the ANWR oil on line to the main pipe line. The other 800 or so miles of the Trans Alaska Pipeline is already there! The wells in Sourdough are already drilled. Oil from ANWR would flow into these wells and get things started immediately. Oil would flow right away as more wells were drilled inside of ANWR. It's a no-brainer.

So, since it's clear that this is not truly an environmental argument, you have to ask -- what's the real issue here? The lead talking head for the leftist, global warming crowd, Al Gore, told us outright -- but nobody was listening.  Gore himself has called many times in his career for the artificial increase in oil prices in order to lower the consumption of oil in the world. Whether by taxation or regulations that make oil more expensive, the goal of these environmental terrorists is to drive the cost of fuel through the roof to achieve their crazy agenda.

Why do we call them terrorists? Because they do not differ from other types of terrorists in their zeal to take away from people things that they don't believe in, and thereby force you to follow their beliefs. They advocate the destruction of world economies and the middle class by making simple necessities unaffordable -- a fundamental change in how America operates. They want to force you to follow their new age religion of environmental activism, like it or not! Therefore, in effect, they do not differ in any way from other terrorists. They want to force change on people by whatever means necessary and impose their ideology on you. Just like all other terrorists, these people don't care how many people are destroyed in achieving their goals. It doesn't matter how many people lose their homes or how many people cannot afford to eat or even how many people die. The only thing that matters is the imposition of their beliefs upon others for their own personal gain.

As we write this in October of 2008, we have begun to see the results of these actions. Oil prices have caused prices of everything to rise. The cost of living, for the average person, has gone past what they earn. Banks are imploding and the world economies are dropping. Credit is virtually non-existent for the average person. The standard of living of people is falling rapidly as they struggle to survive. Despite rosy promises from leaders on all sides of the political spectrum, the few who speak the truth will tell you that there is no turnaround in sight. Even though we are seeing temporary drops in energy prices due to the faltering economies and switching into cash  instead of stocks this trend will not continue. The price of energy will pick up where it left off and exceed the peaks reached in the summer of 2008. Increased energy costs and the inflation they will cause will further cause the economies to spiral downwards. Where the bottom is -- nobody knows, but we're nowhere near it today.

The only real hope is to expose these lies for what they are, convince your friends and neighbors of this fraud and ensure that people are elected to positions of power that see the truth for what it is. What needs to be made clear is that the emperor has no clothes, the leaders of these movements are in it for the power and money which they will receive if their plans are implemented. Their uneducated, blind followers will get the same reward that history has shown always happens in these power grab situations -- they will end up as serfs in the new age empire.


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