Al Gore Gets Caught twisting the truth, twice in a week!

Al Gore Ice Sculpture

February 27, 2009

Al Gore Pulls Slide of Disaster Trend

      - The New York Times

A scientist forces Al Gore to back down

     - Charleston Daily Mail

Al Gore Retracts False Claim

     - Hawaii Reporter

Al Gore forced to pull misleading slide


In Climate Debate, Exaggeration Is a Pitfall

     - The New York Times

Egg on Faces of Al Gore and Ban Ki-Moon

     - Hawaii Reporter

The Green Jobs Scam and Confusion



First, global warming zealots constantly claim that global warming will result in more natural disasters. In fact, they claim that this has already happened -- including increased hurricane activity and other natural disasters. We, and other people around the world that actually use our brains, have repeatedly pointed out this hoax.

Al Gore, the guy who tells us to stop wasting our natural resources which create global warming as he's flying around the world in a jet that consumes more fuel in an hour than the average Joe does in a year, got nailed this week.

Gore has removed a slide from his mythical PowerPoint presentation "An Inconvenient Truth" that contained a graph claiming to show a massive spike in disasters in recent years. He took the data from the Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) who, in the report themselves, specifically said that global warming was not the cause . However, truth, inconvenient or not, is not one of Gore's strong suits.

 The New York Times explains:

"The graph, which was added to his talk last year, came just after a sequence of images of people from Iowa to South Australia struggling with drought, wildfire, flooding and other weather-related calamities. Mr. Gore described the pattern as a manifestation of human-driven climate change. "This is creating weather-related disasters that are completely unprecedented," he said.

"Now Mr. Gore is dropping the graph, his office said today. Here's why.

"Two days after the talk, Mr. Gore was sharply criticized for using the data to make a point about global warming by Roger A. Pielke, Jr., a political scientist focused on disaster trends and climate policy at the University of Colorado. Mr. Pielke noted that the Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters stressed in reports that a host of factors unrelated to climate caused the enormous rise in reported disasters."

Gore also recently published a piece in the Financial Times with the United Nations and global warming mouthpiece, General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon. In the article they claimed that there are more jobs to be had in the wind industry than the entire coal industry. This is clearly aimed at providing cover for politicians taking up global warming legislation to spend mass amounts of money on this less than ideal technology, at the expense of the coal industry.

The Christian Science Monitor explains:

"The story was republished on the Huffington Post, cited by Mother Jones magazine, and has been bouncing around the green blogosphere for the past few days."

"But it’s a bogus comparison. According to the wind energy report, those 85,000 jobs in wind power are as “varied as turbine component manufacturing, construction and installation of wind turbines, wind turbine operations and maintenance, legal and marketing services, and more.” The 81,000 coal jobs counted by the Department of Energy are only miners. Their figure excludes those who haul the coal around the country, as well as those who work in coal power plants."

What is clear is that truth is inconvenient to the global warming crowd.

Our headline picture above is a 5-ton, 8.5 foot ice sculpture of a “shivering” Al Gore, created during a recent wave of cold weather in Fairbanks, Alaska. Temperatures hovered around -40 degrees for days on end and lows in other parts of the state hit -80 degrees.

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